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The International Offshore Yacht Club has determined the participation fee to be 4.000 € + VAT. Services included in this price are listed below

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Education and Training


2023 Turkey Record T-Shirt


Qualification course


ALMANAK with pictures and information of the participants + the story of the race


2023 Turkish Record Course

Media files consisting of Racing Video and pictures


2023 Turkish Record Certificate
(*In case of breaking the record)


Inscription on the side of the only Turkish boat in the Global Solo Challenge as a sponsor


We only live once, if we live right, once is enough.

It's hard to put into words the incredible moments we will experience while on the open sea. This cruise will change the course of our lives. It will tear us away from our daily boring work life and routine lifestyle.

What will we not experience? The different aspects, pleasures and of course the difficulties of sailing night, day, morning and evening.

In this process, sometimes the wind will not blow at all, it will test our patience, and sometimes it will push our physical powers to the fullest. Maybe we will be scared from time to time, but generally we will have a lot of fun. Sometimes we will feel the adrenaline gushing out of our ears, and sometimes we will experience the most peaceful moments of our lives while watching the Milky Way galaxy in the night sky. The sky, painted with bright stars, will light our way like a crystal chandelier made of stars. Not to mention the shooting meteorites, so many that your wishes will run out!

We will truly feel the taste of freedom. When we get out of bed in the morning and go to the deck, we will drink the most delicious coffee of our lives, accompanied by the sun and the morning breeze. When our shift is over and we go to bed, we'll sleep like babies.

We will collect friendships and memories. We will encounter true wilderness and all the wonders that come with it.

We will have a great adventure that we will tell our children and grandchildren.

Rest assured, when the race is over, we will all be 10 years younger.

This is just the beginning...


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