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The Turkish Sailing Federation requests the teams that will participate in the Turkish Record Tour to fulfill certain conditions. You can access the detailed document of the information summarized below at


The captains and crews who will make the record attempt must be 18 years old or over 18 years old.

Captains and the crew members who will make the record attempt in all classes, are required to know how to swim. (attachment 2 swimming contract)

Turkish Sailing Federation license and Amateur Sailor Certificate are requested from the captain and crew who will participate in the record attempt in all classes. Foreign national athletes are obliged to submit the document certifying their qualifications to the board by the federation they are affiliated with.

A health report taken within the last 6 months prior to the record attempt is requested from the captain and crew that will participate in the record attempt in all classes. Attached form is the form to be filled and forwarded to the board for the signed health report, which certifies that the health institution does not see a problem for participant to participate in the record attempt.

(attachment 3- health report)

50% of the captains and crews that will participate in the record attempt in Team Class must have a valid first aid certificate issued by the Ministry of Health and Life Safety at Sea, which is World Sailing Accreditation.

Turkey Tour Record participants are obliged to fill in the registration application form completely and submit it to the Turkish Sailing Federation at least 3 months before the record attempt date. (attachment-4 Record Attempt registration application form) It will be required to have completed an OSR Category 3 race covering a minimum 250 nm route for crewed boats. Otherwise, these teams will be required to complete one of the qualification tracks. (attachment-5 Qualification tracks) There is no requirement for qualification from the captains and crews who have participated in the Turkey Tour Record previously.

Qualification track and qualification confirmation must be completed at least 1 month prior to the record attempt. Before the qualification course, the captain and/or crew must have the World Sailing Accreditation, life safety and first aid certificate at sea.

A certificate will be issued to the participants for the record attempt.

Every captain and/or team participating in the record attempt must have third party liability insurance. It is the obligation to forward this insurance policy, which should be valid during the record attempt, to the record board with the registration application.


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